Justin McCammon


Justin McCammon is a full-stack web engineer living in Los Angeles, California.

I believe in working to leave the web a little bit better than how I found it.

Great websites, like anything great, are best when they're carefully hand-crafted. I love to hand-craft sites using HTML(5), CSS(3), LESS, Python (Django), Javascript and PHP but I'm always trying something new to expand my skillset.



Web Engineer at Glossi.com

Glossi is an online publishing platform that allows anyone to make their own digital magazines that look great on any device. Glossi was in its infancy when I started so I've had the opportunity to help build out entire portions of the site from the ground up. This has included getting our front end code organized using the Module Pattern as well as building out advanced, Photoshop-esque features of our browser based magazine creator. In addition, I've built features up from the database tables (MySQL) through the Django models and views all the way into the front end javascript, HTML and CSS.


Freelance & Side Projects



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